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A Charm Bracelet - The Perfect Group Gift

  • Special Birthday
  • Wedding
  • Class Teacher Gift
  • Retirement
  • Anniversary
  • Sterling silver charms
    An impressive and memorable gift from a group. Simply call us at 1-866-783-8064 or come by the store to set up the account. Here is what we need:
  • Contact information for the person coordinating the gift
  • Completion date for the bracelet
  • A list of names or number of people participating
  • Choose the style of bracelet for the gift
  • Choose your own charm to add to the bracelet
  • Once the account is set up, simply tell all the people participating to visit our website or our store and choose their own charm to be added to bracelet.
    Each participant pays for their charm, cost of attaching their charm, and an equal portion of the cost of the charm bracelet. We keep track of all charms purchased so as to avoid duplicates.
    On the completion date provided, simply stop by our store to pick up the completed gift bracelet. We will also gladly ship the bracelet to anywhere in the United States for a $15.00 shipping fee.